Passion and tradition: The know-how, shared through confidential experiences

Discover wines of the Pomerol appellation by visiting a unique property claimed for its architecture, its history, its terroir and its philosophy. At Château Beauregard, the wine tourism manager welcomes wine lovers in a warm and hospitable atmosphere. Through a private experience with visitors, they share with you all the passion and the work invested throughout the years to obtain these fine wines.

The tours at Beauregard immerse visitors in a unique experience that allows everyone to evolve according to their questions and their level of knowledge but as for the owner, these conditions deserve to be lived in small committees to leave a precious memory, that all wine lovers can (re)share with their loved ones.

The tour takes you through two visits to discover the specificities of the wines of the property, the visitors are invited to visit the chartreuse and the cellars in the heart of an historical architecture, dating back to the XIth century. The "Prestige" visit offers an exceptional vertical tasting of 4 vintages and allows wine enthusiasts to measure the extent of the wine's character. It is also an occasion for every visitor to appreciate the evolution of a vintage according to the climatic conditions from one year to another.

The first motivation for wine tourism at Château Beauregard is to provide adapted offers suited to the visitors demand. No "classic" visit here! To stand out from the surrounding wineries, the team distinguishes itself by adapting each of their visits according to the expectations of their visitors. Because, their number one objective is to satisfy the desires of wine lovers around the world.

At Château Beauregard the fame of their wines was achieved all thanks to the efforts of the men who succeeded one another on these lands, in maintaining and developing the richness of this soil. So that today the soils of the estate can produce high quality grapes.


Interview with Roxane Gomez, Wine Tourism Manager at Château Beauregard, Pomerol

WTB: What is wine tourism for you? Why and what type of visitors would you like to receive?
 “Wine tourism is the way to convey the image of Château Beauregard beyond our region, our country. Allowing our consumers and future consumers to discover the property is a plus for the visibility of our wines around the world. We would like to arouse the interest of a diversified clientele eager to share the values we combine when creating our wines.”









WTB: What are the essential characteristics of the estate that you wish to share with your wine lovers?
 “Our environmental values resonate during each of our visits. We would like to emphasize on the importance of this ecological concept and introduce it to our customers. The strong elements that shape our vision and our strategies are also part of our visits: the precision of our work, the passion for good wine, the consideration of the environment, our ecosystem and the importance of undertaking organic viticulture.”

WTB: What would you like your visitors to remember when they leave?
 “To trigger an interest and transmit it. Wine is not only the product of vines and barrels, but a profession of passion and knowledge that deserves to be shared and to be recognized. A welcome at Château Beauregard is a way to defend this philosophy.”



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